Book of Hours of Lorenzo de Medici, Florence, 1485

Florence, Biblioteca Laurenziana, Ms. Ashburnham 1874, fol. 13v

This miniature from the book of hours in the Laurenziana shows all the characteristics of Antonio’s style. It is not clear whether the master himself worked on the Annunciation miniature before his death. It was customary for the principal miniature introducing the Office of Mary in the book of hours to be executed by the master of the workshop. In any case, this enchanting miniature displays the characteristics of the best of Florentine painting of the fifteenth century whilst its subject matter is still strongly related to the artistic concepts of the Middle Ages.

The scene of the Annunciation is framed in gold and divided by arcades and a column. The view from the left stretches from a loggia out into the paradisiacal landscape of Tuscany with its wooded hills, towers and a lake.