Codex of St George. Avignon, 1315/16 ?), Vatican Library

Archives of St Peter C. 129, fol. 85r

The codex of St George is a missal in content comprising all the usual chants and prayers for the saints used during the mass throughout the church year. The most brilliant page of the entire manuscript is not placed at the beginning, as was customary, but in the middle of the work, next to the feast of St George which was celebrated on March 3rd. This can be explained by the fact that in 1295 Stefaneschi had been appointed cardinal of St. Giorgio at Velebro in Rome by Pope Boniface VIII. St. Giorgio was thus Stefaneschi’s ‘own’ church – and Giotto had participated in its decoration. The titular saint, George, therefore, was in a certain sense the personal saint of the cardinal who felt especially devoted to him.