Book of Hours of Amadée de Saluces, Savoy ca 1460

London, British Library, Add. Ms. 27697, fol. 49

This miniature of the Wedding at Cana, surrounded by a bright fleuronnée with birds and drolleries, belongs to the Book of Hours of Amadée de Saluces in Savoy – as is verified by the coat of arms and the dedication picture (fol. 19) in the manuscript.

It is in the Gospels of St John (2,1-11) that we are told about the miraculous transformation of water to wine, which Jesus performed at the Wedding at Cana, a village near Nazareth in Galilee, where he was invited together with his mother Mary and his disciples. The painter of the prayer book depicted the scene with his own pleasure as to details and the contemporary ambience which made the event the more tangible for the contemporary viewer.