Donaueschingen Sacramentarium,Strasbourg about 1260

Ms 185 fol. 7b and 8a, F.F. Hofbibliothek (Court Library) Donaueschingen, Germany

The small parchment manuscript comprising 198 folios in a red leather binding came, according to its Calendar, from a Dominican monastery in the Strasburg diocese, and was brought to the nunnery Schoenensteinbach, in the diocese of Basle, by the end of the 14th century. The codex has only two whole-page miniatures which belong together and point to a time of origin around 1253-60.

The ornamented initials are of a rather mediocre kind, so all the more striking are the artistic quality and the remarkable iconography of the two related miniatures: The root of Jesse, and The Crucifixion