Bedford Hours. Paris ca 1423

London, British Library, Add. MS 18850, fol. 96

Our miniature, belonging to the psalms of repentance, tells a story from the life of the so-called author of the psalms, King David, the second King of the Jews in Jerusalem. The story is recorded by the priest, prophet and judge Samuel in the Old Testament (2 Samuel 11, 2-12 and 25). David’s life was marked by his virtues and his success, but also by moral guilt and atonement. The borders of our miniature show depictions of virtues and vices to the Repentance psalms in general, not specially related to David. At the left side, below, we see the conversion of Saulus, the persecutor of the early Christians to Apostle Paulus, when on his way to Damascus he was stroked by the light of Christ and fell from his horse (Acts 9, 1-8).